"Motivated group of competent and experienced
software engineers and designers"

What we do

What we do


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Why Us
Our Strategy

Three Pillars Of Sucess

Since 2012 we are founded on a three pillar strategy, which allows us to partner with other companies,
create innovation, develop and deploy software solutions.


5Mict is a low-risk, high-quality, low-cost partner for outsourcing of your software development needs. We have been providing service to several strategic clients in the Netherlands for 7 years. Build you custom software solutions with us!

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We provide software as a service solutions for: Customer relation management for small businesses (CRM4SMEs), Fitness club management and training assistant (FitAssist), Order and stock management for pubs and restaurants (RoboBar), Intelligent Monitoring System based on IoT.

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We invest great effort to keep up with latest technologies and integrate them with our own work

  • Internet of Things
  • Machine Learning
  • Big data management
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Our Mission

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world.
Indeed its the only thing that ever has."


What We Can Do For You

We offer custom software solutions to fit your business needs. Our software staff has extensive knowledge of all of the latest programming languages, platforms and tools.

Data analytics

We can help you analyze your data using Python, R, Spark, etc., or create a data driven solution to deal with your challenges.

Desktop applications

We develop desktop applications using C++, Java, C#, WPF, PHP, Node.js, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (for cross-platform desktop applications).

We design and build websites

We can also develop and make an excellent design of your website using different technologies such as React, WebFlow, WordPress, etc.

Mobile and web applications

We are experts in using JavaScript, CSS, HTML, React, as well as in using ReactNative, native Android and IoS to develop mobile apps.


We have people who can create excellent 2D or 3D designs.

Custom software

We can develop a customized software for you based on requirements and specifications.

Our common services include but are not limited to the above. for our full list of services contact us
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Why us

What Makes us special

Software development in Nis, Serbia is significantly cheaper in comparison to western Europe. High quality, western culture, still lower hourly rates, and closeness (no time difference and good reach ability) are important advantages over outsourcing to China, India or Ukraine.

A good part of our effort is devoted to helping other companies bring their vision to reality by partnering in designing, developing
and deploying digital products


Here at 5M employment criteria is strict. We hire individuals who are not only talented and Highly educated with masters degree in computer sciences but also show  integrity and dedication to reach the top of their profession.


Its important  to us that we accommodate the needs of our customers and their projects, so we make organization as effortless as possible. We tailor our working arrangements to the specifics of the project.


Development costs in Serbia are significantly lesser in comparison to western and northern Europe, yet similar to India. Serbia  can also boast history of higher  education with many great scientists originating from this parts.